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Airline Tickets to Bangkok

To the Thais, Bangkok is "Krung Thep" - City of Angels. While there is little angelic about this frenetic, vibrant city, there is certainly a heavenly combination of flavours, sights and experiences that seduces everyone who visits Bangkok.

The capital of Thailand since 1782, Bangkok balances its exuberant modern development with a reverent celebration of traditional Thai culture - most evident in the glorious wats and the extraordinary food. Bangkok's nightlife is legendary, ranging from an evening of kickboxing to a peaceful walk on a warm evening taking in the fascinating street life.

Bangkok is justly famous for its traffic jams and its noisy, uncompromising style. And for North American visitors the summer heat can be quite difficult to adjust to.

Bangkok has long been a hub for travellers, offering a winning combination of cheap prices and excellent tourist amenities. Westerners flock here, eager to soak up the essence of the East and visitors are surprised at how cosmopolitan Bangkok can be. Some admittedly fail to see the beauty that endures under the fašade of modernity in Bangkok, for this is a city that requires an open mind to reveal its angels.

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